"Soma Vida is intended to be more than just another local business. Our mission is to inspire and illuminate the possibilities for work/life balance to participate in a workspace and wellness revolution."
— Laura Shook-Guzman

At the Heart of Soma Vida

It is our most precious desire to empower and encourage entrepreneurs to follow their passions, thrive in connection with others, make a positive impact on the world and foster their personal health and well-being.

To support heart-centered entrepreneurs, we provide flexible and affordable workspace with access to private offices, coworking, meeting rooms, workshop and class space

We are shifting the old paradigms that our work and personal spaces “should” be separate and, instead, proposing that individuals and organizations work collectively and collaboratively within shared and co-constructed communities.

At Soma Vida, we don’t promote or perpetuate the “equal time allocation” theory for achieving work life balance.  Rather, we are proponents for an integrated allocation of our time, energy, creativity and joy.   We do not believe that there is a perfect and static work life balance formula for us to find and maintain, rather we hope to expand one another’s sense of work life balance possibility – to encourage others to discover their own sense of purpose, to follow their passions and to co-create healthy partnerships.

Our Founders

Laura Shook Guzman

~ CEO/Owner of Soma Vida
~ Founder of Soma Vida
~ Somatic Psychotherapist
~ Owner of On Somatic Ground

Inspired by her mission to empower, lead, and clear the pathways for a new era of emerging entrepreneurs, Laura launched Soma Vida in 2008. Laura brought a community together, designed especially to support, inspire and encourage wellness entrepreneurs. As a result, Laura recognized combining business and community as a catalyst to discover our most innate creative expressions.

Sonya Stattmann

~ Founder of Soma Vida
~ Success Strategist for entrepreneurs
~ Owner of Sonya Stattmann

Sonya and Laura found inspiration in their connection as entrepreneurs and single moms. Sonya contributed to the vision of Soma Vida with the initial launch from 2008-2010, then relocated to the city of Melbourne, Australia. You can learn more about Sonya and the supportive work she does with women entrepreneurs at www.sonyastattmann.com

Our Team

Kelsey Kosmala, Community Manager

At the heart of our community, you will find Kelsey Kosmala. From her warm welcome to her contagious enthusiasm, Kelsey helps our members and guests feel right at home. You will find Kelsey building community, teaching yoga and inspiring those around her. You can reach Kelsey at kelsey@somavida.ne

Sheila Dudley, Client Communications

Meet Sheila Dudley, our communications diva! From her radiant smile to her gracious spirit,  Sheila provides great care and connection to all who come through our doors. You can reach Sheila at sheila@somavida.net

A Letter from Our Creator

In the process of co-creating Soma Vida, I have felt a shift in the way I perceive the attainment of balance. I am shifting from a “work life balance seeker” to one who seeks “work life balance integration.”

Balance is no longer my end goal; rather I have set my intention on moving towards integration and connection, crafting a sustainable and regenerative way of living in which I honor my heart, body and spirit with the nourishment and compassion I need to see what is possible on any given day.

Some days are full and sweet; some are messy and complicated. Yet, my commitment is to honor the sweet stickiness of my life, to embrace the vulnerability of my journey.

It is in this journey, that I will often pause and reflect, “Am I doing what I love, with a community I love that is making a positive impact on the world?” If the answer is yes, that is all I need to know.

With deep gratitude,
— Laura

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